January 21, 2014

2014 New Year’s Resolutions…blahblahblah

Posted in goals, time management, writing tagged at 10:56 am by z. l. sasnett

Nope. Not gonna have them. I’m dreadful with resolutions. I’m even worse with resolutions than I am with goals.

Funny thing about goals. All the self-help gurus talk about getting an accountability partner, post your goals so it’ll hold you responsible or you’ll burn in the hell fires of embarrassment for not reaching your goals. They don’t work for me. I am not easily shamed or embarrassed so that sort of peer pressure falls dead at my feet after having bounced off my head a full velocity.

However, I have something I want. I want it more than I can give words to.

Viable Paradise 2014.

*makes grabby hands*

This isn’t something I just discovered. I’ve known about VP for years. At first, I didn’t think I had anything good enough to submit. Then, when I developed the confidence that I might actually be good at this writing thing, I didn’t have the money.

I still don’t have the money but this is something I want so much, invested in with every fiber of my being, that I am stepping out on faith. I will apply and when I’m accepted (see what I did there?), I will find a way to pay for it. I have no idea how but that will come. I have a few months. I can get it. The beautiful thing is that I don’t need all the money to go upfront. I just need to pay the tuition by July and then save up for travel and lodgings by October.

Hey, I have learned a thing or two about how to set goals. Break them down into smaller parts. So that’s what this is.

Now I have to figure out what I want to submit for workshopping. There are several things I can submit. Here’s where my biggest weakness comes in.

They are all dear to me. They are all things on my list right now that I want to finish. They all are pulling at me to write. But I’m just one person! I can’t work on them all at once and expect anything of quality. So I have to choose.

I suuuuuck at choosing.

Currently, I’m housesitting for a friend and it’s quiet, except for the cat who is trapped on the screened in back porch and desperately wants to come up where I’m at. I guess it’s time to break out ye ol’ pen and paper and start brainstorming to get a sense of what I can work on to brush it up to snuff and submit so I don’t completely embarrass myself.

So this is what is occupying my brainspace at the moment. Expect to see me agonizing over it for the next few months. I am putting myself on a deadline (actually, a series of deadlines) with the final drop-dead deadline of March 15 to have something ready for submission so I can make the $25 application fee.

A lot of little deadlines will fall out from that, starting with having a project picked out by the end of the week (my previous track record of deadlines notwithstanding). I have to make a plan, I have to stick to the plan because the longer I wait, the more expensive it is, the more I decrease my chances of getting chosen and the bigger the chance of missing the final final final deadline (June 15).


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