December 26, 2012

Day Twenty Five of Thirty (nonconsecutive) Days of Writing the Turkey Overload edition

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If a man intends to impress someone, his work will not be clear, because he does not intend clarity: he intends to impress. – S. Leonard Rubenstein

As per the above quote? Yeah, know a few people like that. Ol’ Leo there has it right. I feel like I’m at least half-way bright and hard to bore but if you’re making my eyes glaze over? Aim for clarity, plzkthnx.

Well, it’s official. Novembers and Decembers are the least productive months of my year. I get absolutely nothing done. I’m still exhausted from having spun my wheels, though. No idea where that energy has gone. Here it is, the 26th. Last time I remember it was the 11th. Big, fuzzy, hazy gray patch of memory and nothing to show for it.

Next year, I’ll set things up that I start to keep track of my time/activity and see where it’s going. It’s a little late now but I should be set for next year. Time analysis, yo.

Christmas was low key, as it usually is. My cousin and I went in together and bought my mom a 40″ television. It looked fabulous in the candlelight. How does it play? We have no idea. We sat down to watch a movie and the storm that blew through the south yesterday took out our power. We had it on long enough to look at the weather. Talk about timing.

Power finally came on again last night about 10 pm when we all had given up sitting in the dark commenting on how fabulous our TV looked in candlelight and went to bed.

Other than that, some nasty flu got in the house making the mother-unit sick to the point we considered hospitalization if she hadn’t gone to the doctor. It tried to take up with me but I think I caught it early enough to fight it back. Now I just have the tail-end congestion like cotton is packed in my sinuses instead of my brains sliding out of my nose. Going to make sleeping for the next few nights a real pleasure.

I suspect that is were a great deal of my time went. At least for the month of December.

Puppy and kitten and elderly matron dog are still humming right along. Puppy got the last of her puppy shots, kitten is next up on the roster for a vet visit and soon to see about some test for the elderly matron that explains her porking out and her frequent need to go to the bathroom.

Speaking of pets, time for Day Twenty Five!

25. Do any of your characters have pets? Tell us about them.

No. I’m not doing this. This meme really has delved into the realm of fandom interviewing. In fact, looking at the remaining questions, I really will be hard pressed to find something useful to say. My characters have pets if the situation calls for them to have pets. If their characterization dictates they have pets. If the plot is served by them having pets.

So far, no. And I really don’t think it makes them less rounded as characters if they don’t have pets, which would be the next (il)logical step of reason that could be made.

Pets and children are great at selling but don’t necessarily make for riveting reading. Certainly, I can’t believe it would be all that interesting to have a discussion about a character’s pet.

Finished beating that subject, now.


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