September 29, 2012

Day Thirteen of Thirty (nonconsecutive) Days of Writing – the gore edition

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My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living. — Anais Nin

Mood is vastly better today than it was yesterday. Not sure what the trick was, but something happened, rotated and clicked into place and I woke up feeling much more positive and upbeat.

I like feeling like that, especially when I was up until one a.m. unable to sleep. Did the smart thing. Instead of tossing and turning in the bed and wishing sleep would finally come, I jumped up, pushed in some episodes of Spartacus: Blood and Sand and watched the blood, gore, sex and political machinations of twisted people. Good times, good times.

Then I had an idea for a story. They say nothing is really original, that our ideas are riffs off of other ideas and this pretty much proves it.

Spartacus in Space. Yeah, I know it’s not new.  The point is to make it unique and original? Looks like I have a new project to develop.

…hey, I think I just came up with an idea to serialize! Thanks wordpress and blog-type people, having you as a sounding board really helps. It will require some serious research considering this is a time era I’m not familiar with but I’ve never shied away from rolling up my sleeves before and starting something that I have no earthly idea on how to start.

Pretty chuffed now.

Anyway, Day Thirteen!

13. What’s your favorite culture to write, fictional or not?

You know, I thought about this and was perilously close to one of two answers: ‘The Tokugawa Shogunate period’ and ‘I can’t think of anything right off that is my favorite because saying real world is kind of boring’.

The Tokugawa Shogunate time period in Japanese history is a very romantic time for me. I chalk that up to my love of anime, which pretty much guarantees that many of my prejudices – of which most would be grossly incorrect and possibly (and unintentionally) offensive – would crop up. Best to remain silent on it than to open my mouth and show my ignorance.

“I can’t think of anything right off” is true in that while much of my writing is based off in the real world — because I love to take the real world and twist it enough so that the fantastic becomes the norm is a better answer — it’s not terribly original. It’s all set dressing to me.

So, it’s not a question I can answer adequately. I don’t write about ‘worlds’ or about ‘cultures’. I write about characters and how they move in the space I’ve provided for them. The atmosphere (or the culture) is not a character in my tales. Many readers and writers talk about how ‘the city was a character itself’ and that’s just not something I’m grokking. My mind doesn’t take that bent and I’m left squinting at the page wondering if I’m missing something.

The city/country/atmosphere/culture/world is the stage and while the stage dressing is interesting to look at, it’s the people moving about in the space provided on the stage that really catches my attention when I read.

So it will obviously be what I emphasize and de-emphasize when I write.

Yet another ‘not-very-interesting’ answer to a question.


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