September 22, 2012

Day Eight of Thirty Days of Writing and something new and in my face…and on my hands…and in my shoes…

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There’s nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein. — Red Smith

The quote is apropos in so many ways it’s frightening considering I’m bleeding right now and not from writing.

Funny how time gets away from us when we aren’t looking.

Thirty Days of Writing sort of fell by the wayside while we were dealing with a new member of the family.

I’d get a picture of her but it’s difficult when she has two modes: Full forward, ho! and Dead To The World Where I Can’t Reach Her Or The Camera. Sadly, she has less of the second and more of the first.

It wouldn’t be so bad to have a new kitten in the house if I weren’t also dealing with an aging dog with a few medical issues. On her own, the dog is fine. She’s just old. But having a kitten latched on to her tail when she just wants to be left alone is proving to be problematic in keeping said kitten off said tail.

And keeping kitten out of trouble in general.

The dog just wants to sleep, the kitten just wants to vrooooom! So, trying to get everyone aclimated has proven to be time consuming and attention sucking. The kitten, named Beauregarde Esperanza Oolong Socks, called BooSocks says HIOMG! She is endlessly fascinated by my typing on the laptop which does a great deal in hampering any of my ability to actually get anything written. There’s a lot of blood involved.

And in between saying that and this sentence, she’s dropped off to sleep. Striking while the iron is hot.

So, here we go with Day Eight.

8. What’s your favorite genre to write? To read?

I don’t know if I have a favorite because that would imply that I have a ranking of some kind. I like this first, this second, etc. On the other hand, I do have genres that I primarily read and write as a preference. Would that qualify as a ‘favorite’?

To read in? Fantasy tends to be my bag and has for a long time. Doug Hulick and Paul Kemp are my current flavors of choice. Scott Lynch and Rachel Aaron and Anne Lyle. They write brands of fantasy I’m enjoying so far. It’s not grand epic sword and sorcery (okay, well Paul Kemp falls into that. STILL!)  Also enjoying also the Warhammer tie in novels, CL Werner being my favorite there.

But under the ‘fantasy’ umbrella falls many others that catch my attention every so often.

I like Steampunk. Not all of it, I’m not a huge Steampunk afficianado but I will read some recc’d Steampunk. I especially like it when it’s tied into Urban Fantasy. Speaking of….

Urban Fantasy. I’m really particular about my UF and if one more person reccommends The Dresden Files, I’mma put the hurt on someone. There’s more UF out there besides Butcher’s (I admit pretty good but I wasn’t all ZOMG about him) work and I like to read around to see what’s out there. I also like Urban Fantasy that deals with psychic powers. I have a project in line to be developed with that in mind. Not enough BIGKABOOMEXPLOSIONS caused by a TK for me! Of note there, Myke Cole and his Shadow Ops series has my attention.

Which ties into my paranormal fascination. Not going to lie, I’m a werewolf fan and Jack and Luke is proof of that. I’m still a big ol’ softie for vampires and werewolves. Bring ’em!

Science Fiction is my weak link. I enjoy some of it but more often than not, I shy away. Maybe it’s because there’s not enough hours in the day to get into all the things out there to read. Again, harkening back to the Warhammer (this time 40K) tie ins are my big thing. I just love the Warhammer mileau (fantasy and 40K).

Erotica is one of those guilty pleasures. Sadly, I can hardly ever find really good erotica that really satisfies (hurhurhur) me. And no, sorry, 50 Shades is not good erotica to me. I won’t go on my tear about all the things I find problematic with 50Shades but I’m usually amused when people talk about it like it’s the first time erotica has ever been written. Um..yeah, not so much.

To write? Horses of different colors. Of course I’d love to be able to write in all the genres ever! I have ideas for just about everything. Most of my stuff tends to overlap into a couple of genres. Since we’re seeing that more and more in stuff being published these days, I’m most pleased by it.

I have currently in the wings:

Fantasy – with mages and magic and zepplins and flintlock rifles
Urban Fantasy/Paranormal – See: Jack and Luke
Also is a very UF/cyberpunk feel story with psychics and TKs that make things go boom.
Science Fiction/Paranormal – being cowritten with a good friend. Werewolves in Space is our codename for it.
Erotica – SSP in the works. I probably won’t ever try to do anything hardcore Erotica in anything longer than short stories in my real name. I’m just enjoying writing shorts and selling them.


  1. Mark said,

    Red Smith was plagiarizing Hemingway when he said that. Just sayin’.

    Is this where you’re going to be posting your story? I hope I’m not letting any cats out of their bags here. 🙂

    • LOL I didn’t know that about the quote. Interesting.

      And no, not letting cats out of bags. I’m still dithering around with my idea and how I best want to proceed. If I do decide to try my hand at the serial, it’ll be here. The concept really intrigues me.

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