September 16, 2012

Day Five of Thirty Days of Writing

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Writing well means never having to say, ‘I guess you had to be there.’ — Jef Mallett

GAH! Missed another day on the Thirty Days of Writing. This time it was taken up with troubleshooting Google Chrome after it hiccuped on me with the final push to implement Drive in the place of Documents.

I won’t go into the rage-filled moments of yet another attempt by Google at ‘making something better’ which ends up borking everything else in the process. Finally got it working again and now I’m behind yet another day.

Ah well. Keep chugging forward!

I’m probably going to be carrying on like an obsessed woman by talking about the beef for a little bit. It’s amazing how much better, tastier, fresh, grass fed, organic beef is than that tasteless stuff we get in the store.

Last night was hamburgers and I swear to Heaven above that was the best damn hamburger I have had in ages! Wow! Today will be a roast and if this keeps up, I will be big as a house before spring. Can’t get the food in my mouth fast enough for all the good eats. I’ll really have to watch that.

At any rate, time for…

Day Five of Thirty Days of Writing!

5. By age, who is your youngest character? Oldest? How about “youngest” and “oldest” in terms of when you created them?

This will be an odd discussion. Do I talk more about Jack and Luke specificially? Or should I, at this point, broaden my scope?

In terms of creation, Jack and Luke are also my oldest. During the times I was table top roleplaying them, I started to get the sense there was a way to write their story, to weave the narrative around them and started my process in learning how to write in order to do just that and give them voice.

They were treated to my first attempts at writing.

My youngest (newest) as far as creation is concerned is my mage, Sergei, from my fantasy novel idea. That novel is currently in the queue for attention while I work out some more details for Jack and Luke.

As far as age of characters, I have to give some thought to this. Vanessa, my rat princess, is probably the youngest at fifteen years of age. She is in Jack and Luke’s story and I had a flash of insight the other day while in the car that she might, at some point, deserve her own story, too. Already the ideas are whirling around in my brain but they have to wait for other projects in my queue, as much as I’d love to write her.

It works, putting her in the waiting rotation. It’ll give the idea time to flesh out, grow, mature while I work on other things which are further along in the process.

The oldest character in age? It’s odd that I really don’t think much about ages of my secondary characters. All my main characters for my many different projects are usually around the same ages of 25-35 so it seems so weird to say This Character is older when he’s 35 over That Character who is in her late 20s.

Minor characters? They run the whole spectrum. I’d say the oldest so far is once more in Jack and Luke’s story. Their pack alpha is the oldest in his late early 60s.

It seems terribly frivolous to talk about character ages and yet it is a little important to their creation and in fleshing them out to give them life. Wonder if that’s because I don’t normally think of people in terms of their ages either.


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