September 12, 2012

Day Two of Thirty days of Writing, a day late!

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Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. — Dr. Seuss

Total blog fail. When I was able to get on, I couldn’t get to wordpress. When I could get to wordpress, internet crapped out. When I was finally able to get it all working together…it was the next day. Nothing in this process was helped by an emergency dog sitting gig that left me without internet for a bit.

Off to a stellar start. *rushes to catch up*

From this, Day number two!

2. How many characters do you have? Do you prefer males or females?

I’m going to pluck my most recent WiP (The Adventures of Jack and Luke, logline coming soon to a blog near you!)  that is commanding my attention other than the SuperSecretProject since the SSP* is shorts and the question would change based on the story.

For a project that I am pulling together, I’m going to go with twelve characters with the caveat that there are only two mains, the rest are bit players. Also, keeping in mind this is a big universe/world the two mains wander through so while the bit players may not be important in the first story, they might end up with more of a role in the second.

Out of the twelve, five are female and obviously seven are male, including the two mains.

Looking at that, I can see an imbalance. It will take some thought as to whether I would need to even the imbalance out. I don’t want to do it ‘just because there needs to be a balance’. As of right now, all characters are who they need to be, including gender.

I’m not sure I have a gender preference. Like I said, everyone is who they need to be and doing what they need to be doing. Looking at it on the face, it appears I do.

Needs more thought. The project, something I’ve been poking at for a while now is undergoing a thorough scrub so that may change as things progress forward.

Along with the SSP, this is something that I’m excited about. I dithered around with this, trying to write full length novels but the fit was never right, you know? Since I could never force it, The Adventures of Jack and Luke never would come together and it has sat on the shelf. Every so often, I’d take them down, play with them a bit, get a feel for them and realize that a full novel still wasn’t in the works and they’d get shelved again. And back when I first started with them, serials were never considered a good idea, novellas were impossible to sell. With the way publishing has shifted and grown in so many different directions, I’ve shed that belief. More options are open to me and it’s an exciting time to be writing.

Jack and Luke will see a resurgence. This time, I have the tools and the options to do them right.

…I think I used up my allotment of exclamation points for the day. :/


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