September 4, 2012

Getting my groove on – bowchickabowbow

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 Reduce your plan to writing. The moment you complete this, you will have definitely given concrete form to the intangible desire. – Napoleon Hill

I’m in the erotic-writing groove.

At least my brain is there. Everything I read now has pervy connotations to it.

Innocent discussion of stock scams -> mind -> gutter -> fuel for more erotic short stories.

Grocery store stocking -> mind -> gutter -> yet another idea….

Can’t beat that combination with a stick for productivity.

My non-erotica writing is taking a breather, which is, all considered, a good thing. It’s funny (in the ‘makes you go hmm’ way) how that works.

I’ve been wrestling with productivity issues for a while. I have this passion for all these irons ready to place in the fire. My fear kicks into high gear, triggers my procrastination and next thing you know, I’ve lost days of writing time and gotten nothing done except more projects to start and not a one of them finished.

Enter The Grand Experiment (aka SuperSecretProject). It’s given me something to shoot for. I have my milestones, my goal posts, my deadlines and my production schedule, which has some give but not a whole lot. Success in the self-published erotica short story arena (I’m not sure how well it translates into non-erotica so I’ll definitely be interested in hearing anyone’s take on that) requires regular output. I haven’t decided whether one week or two per story works, but that’s what experimentation is for, right?

At any rate, I’m finishing short stories. I’m getting them edited, formatted, covers created and ready for upload. That’s key here, for my writing. For my self-esteem, as well.

I’m finishing.

It’s great to want to write, it’s even better to have written. Best of all is to finish it!

This little experiment has given me the self-confidence boost I’ve needed and just couldn’t manage to scrabble together for myself.

People are buying my smut. Now, I realize that many porn readers really aren’t a discerning lot. I’ll give you that and I certainly wouldn’t disagree. However, from all the bad porn I’ve read — and dear God, there’s a lot of it out there — the challenge becomes to write something good that gives the reader a sense of value for their money. When they have that, they buy more. Buying more ensures I write more (because, let’s face it, in this respect, I am motivated by the cha-ching!) and there we have a fabulous porny feedback loop.

Except, that holds true for more than erotica, you know? It’s pretty much how it is across the board with writing. Write something good, something that readers are willing to lay down their hard-earned bucks to read and then they clamor for more.

In the short time that I’ve been pulling together my ‘collection’ of stuff to sell for my SuperSecretProject, I’ve learned quite a lot about writing. Not just getting the words down, but how to spin a tale, a story. I’m sure the results of that learning curve just took a huge uptick. I’ve still a lot to learn, no doubt. That’s the fun of it.

Once I settle on a schedule for my shorts, I’m really looking forward to getting back to my novel writing. I’m full-to-bursting with ideas and now? Now, I think I have the self-confidence to actually pull it off.

The writing path certainly is an exciting one for me at the moment.

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