May 30, 2012

It’s all very alchemical how boring translates into panic

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Meaning is not something you stumble across, like the answer to a riddle or the prize in a treasure hunt. Meaning is something you build into your life. – John Gardner

Interesting things happen when I’m in the middle of a panic. Since panic seems to be a constant state for me these days, I’m getting interesting all over me.

One of the pieces of advice given regularly for those interested in increasing their social networking visibility is to write blog posts regularly. ‘They’ (the nebulous ‘they’ with no identifiable name who are considered ‘the experts’) also suggest you write interesting things people want to read. Advice I find useful on the surface but when cutting to the deeper issues, isn’t useful at all.

Maybe I’ve done some interesting things throughout my life. I don’t feel like I have. Perhaps they are interesting to outsiders. I’ve lived in this skin for so long it’s all just…my life, you know? Done it, past it, moving on.

And let’s get real. Just how exciting can talking about crocheting really be? For other crocheters, it certainly is. I could talk about crocheting all day. Or my mother’s farm animals. I mean, her baby goats are terribly cute. Who doesn’t love baby goats?

Except this blog isn’t a crochet blog. It’s not a farming blog. It’s not a goat blog. It’s (primarily) a writing blog.

A writing blog can’t be very interesting to those who read writing blogs if all I’m talking about is crocheting and baby goats. So, this blog sits for longer than ‘recommended’ lengths of times while I try to figure out what might be good to address about as far as writing is concerned.

Do I talk about my current projects? Recommended advice says not to, lest the writer start to sound like a whiner and that never looks good. Would that even be interesting if there’s no context at all for the current project? Since I don’t engage in wholesale discussion about ideas — I believe the more I ‘talk’ about it, the less I’m inclined to do anything about it — I don’t have a good feel for how interesting my bits and pieces and talking vaguely would be. This one requires more thought.

Do I talk about the current status of the industry? Yeah, probably, but I don’t want to build an entire platform on breaking down myths or highlighting issues or discussing the changing state of publishing. That’s left for more knowledgeable folks. The best I can do there is point to them.

Do I talk about writing and focus on how-to? That hits a personal pet peeve of mine and I’d like to avoid that if at all possible. Hypocrisy isn’t very tasty. All I can do is share things I discover.

Panic sets in.

Oh. My. God. What if I’m really this dreadfully boring and can’t possibly come up with something interesting to talk about for one of the things that I truly love to do?

Then, in the midst of my panic, I’m bowled over with several ideas at once. Happily enough, they involve writing. I now have a few blog posts worth of ‘stuff to talk about’.

Makes me feel kind of like, I don’t know, I’m actually a real blogger and writer.

I don’t know, though. Those baby goats are awfully cute. They’d look especially natty with these sweet little crocheted beanie caps.


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  1. Amy said,

    OHMYGOSH YES. This. Exactly.

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