August 16, 2011

It was a blank page

Posted in thoughts at 11:30 am by z. l. sasnett

Meaning is not something you stumble across, like the answer to a riddle or the prize in a treasure hunt. Meaning is something you build into your life. – John Gardner

I like quotes.

I like quotes, especially if they resonate within me. They give meaning to an unspoken state I struggle to express. It’s funny, but if I’m a writer (or want to be one, the line of when a writer is truly a writer keeps moving, according to other writers) I should be able to express it, right? Still, the struggle to express the things that bubble beneath the surface is ongoing and here I sit grasping at the words, throwing them down in order to make some sense of my life and my state of mind.

I have been given a unique opportunity. In this challenging economic climate, I find myself unemployed and have been for far too long. Lofty dreams of writing and selling something are truly realized only if we take advantage of the situation and actually do something about it.

It seems to be slipping through my fingers. Ellusive, hard to hold onto yet necessary to make best use while I have it.

The best scores I achieved in college were when I took an overload of classes and worked about forty hours a week, divided between three part time jobs. When you don’t have much, you learn to make the most with what you are given. Quite often, I found myself saying, ‘if only I had more time, I could-‘.

Well, now I do. Many years later, I have it. Whole handfuls of time, mine to squander if I so choose. The job hunt marches forward, as it always has. The hours inbetween need filling. Chores and home improvement could fill my day if I let it. I pick up the mantle of housekeeping when it’s needed.

That still leaves quite a bit of this time I wished I’d had when I was younger, now waiting to be filled.

It’s time I started utilizing it to maximum potential.

Those words were easy to write. Now, I simply need to put them into action.

…as if it were just that easy.



  1. Matt Dean said,

    /looks into getting “Team Sasnett” shirts made…

  2. LinnE said,

    Can we get them in Packers colors, though?

    • zlsasnett said,

      weeeeell, I like the green but I’m not much fond of the yellowy-gold…can we have half?

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